2023 International Strutters Room Master Camp & Hip Hop Congress Reunion

You’re Invited to Experience the Inner-City Foundation of Boogaloo Robottin & Struttin from The Bay Area’s Day Before Hip Hop in California.

Participate in the most authentic inner-city cultural dance experience from The Day Before Hip Hop, bridging the decades-long undocumented San Francisco cultural tradition of Strutting, Oakland Boogaloo and Richmond Robottin from the 1970’s with today’s generation of movers and shakers.

For Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary, this year the international network of Hip Hop Congress, Inc., the largest historical grassroots Hip Hop nonprofit in the world, is holding its first in-person reunion in over 10 years, re-launching its flagship tradition of national conferences held between the years of 2002-2010 in San Jose, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Boulder, Athens, Seattle, Biloxi, and Detroit. The San Francisco community chapter of “Chekkitout University” sets the backdrop of the HHC Family reunion at the 2023 Annual International Strutters Room Master Camp.

Celebrate Black history and excellence with a multigenerational, cross-cultural team of organizers, artists, educators, and master instructors during the entire week leading up to the SF Juneteenth Festival, culminating in Lonnie Green’s Nighttime Juneteenth Concert, which will also be live-streamed to bring audiences around the world an experience with the entertainers who entertain the entertainers!

Monday, June 12th – 6PM: KQED Presents…

Tuesday, June 13th


International Global Exchange Zoom Call

6PM-10PM: Strutting Workshop

Wednesday, June 14th


Women + Power + Justice Panel

6PM-10PM: Strutting Workshop

Thursday, June 15th


HHC Resources for Artists & Chapters


Strutting Workshop


SF Juneteenth Private Yacht Party

Friday, June 16th


SF Daytime Mixer &

1pm Hip Hop & Education Panel

6PM-10PM: Strutting Workshop

Saturday, June 17th


SF Fillmore Juneteenth Festival

Sunday, June 18th

11AM-5PM: SF Juneteenth Festival, Gilman Park

5:30PM-11PM: Lonnie Green’s Nighttime Juneteenth Concert

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