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What is Strutting?

A powerful dance movement highly developed in the black inner cities of 1970's San Francisco, CA.

As the godfather of funk styles, "Strutting" is essentially the combination of stepping, robot, and old funk/soul/party dancing.

The term can be used to reference to both solo and group styles.

** Experience the legacy of San Francisco’s 40+ year tradition directly in the heart of the community that birthed it. ** Lonnie Green

The Strutter's room Classic, Pure, Authentic Struttin.

“The Day Before Hip Hop” — which deserves to be fully documented by today’s academic scholars & curators — is a term coined by the community-proclaimed cultural hero and international icon of San Francisco’s Strutting, Lonnie “PopTart” Green.

Born in 1967 at St. Mary’s hospital and raised in both the Hunter’s Point and Fillmore communities, PopTart was adopted by San Francisco’s top-tier dancers as a child, and dubbed “The Fillmore Kid” by the inner-city’s most-feared personalities.

An original Strutter whose dancing skill and choreography swept some of the biggest stages in Hip Hop, his understanding of both the entertainment industry and street politics over the course of 40+ years is unparalleled. What’s more remarkable is that his love for his community has always taken precedent over elevating his own name or fame. 

Now Lonnie Green is building with dancers, teachers and students from all over the world, educating them about the lost art of California’s inner-city Black dance culture, beginning with his own hometown of San Francisco.

As CEO of Tart Productions International LLC, National Education Director for Hip Hop Congress, Inc., and founder of The Strutter’s Room, Lonnie’s lifelong mission is finally coming into recognition as he approaches the seasoned age of 55.

The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

Watch  as students from around the globe come together and celebrate Juneteenth festival in San Francisco, California and the tradition of strutting.