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Ben James Birthday Bash!

Join us as we celebrate Ben James Birthday!

<br>(Founder of Live Inc 1975)

A True Bay Area Dance Icon!

<br>Saturday August 24, 2019

9PM - 12AM


Emporium SF616 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

<br>Black Suit Jacket Event!

Engine Shit 4.0 Popping 1 on 1

Additional information coming soon!

Past  Events

The 2019 Annual International Strutter's Room Master Camp

San Francisco invites you to experience the undocumented inner-city Black dance culture of 1970s Fillmore Strutting.

2020 Master Camp Price: $700
2019 Master Camp Price: $350
2019 Master Camp Early Bird Special (Before June 1st): $175
2019 AAACC Student Special (Reserved through AAACC): $75

Before it was called "Popping" and before it was considered "Pop", the inner-cities of Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco were home to a regional street culture with unique dance expressions known as Boogaloo, Robottin and Struttin. With the competitive nature emerging out of the 1960's and dominating Bay Area dance scene throughout the 1970's, these "BRS" funk styles were positive outlets of urban expression that served as an alternative to street activity, much like the East Coast equivalent of breakdancing.

San Francisco's Fillmore Strutting tradition can be documented as far back as 1975, with groups such as Granny & the Robotroids, Live Incorporated, Monty and the Mechanical Midgets, and Close Encounters of the Funkiest Kind. Similar to Boogaloo & Robottin, Strutting culture was never adequately explored by mainstream media because its community ties would not easily compromise its traditional values to align with corporate interests. The BRS story of origin would soon be overshadowed in the 1980's by the emerging "Hip Hop" urban narrative of street dance out of New York, leaving the untold history of the Bay Area inner-city Black dance expression that came to influence an entire generation of Hip Hop dancers and "poppers" largely unknown to the general public.

For the entire week of leading up to the Juneteenth Festival, one of the Fillmore's most beloved public figures, co-founder of BRS Arts Alliance and founder of The Strutter's Room, international Hip Hop dance icon and A-list Strutter Lonnie "The Fillmore Kid" Green a.k.a. PopTart, opens the doors to the African American Art & Culture Complex with the 2019 Annual International Strutter's Room Master Camp for dancers all over the world who are looking to get their information directly from the source - the SF community that pioneered the 1970's style of dance that can only be called one thing: Strutting.

Grown Folks Back to the 70's & 80's Party


Grown Folks Back to the 70's & 80's Party

Friday March 29th

Doors open at 8pm

9pm to 2am

Featuring DIS-JOCKEY


$15 in advance

$20 at the door

1st place $250 Soultrain Dance Contest



21+ 70'S & 80'S Formal Attire Required


For Tickets: www.eventbrite.com


Cypher Culture Conference

With great honor & respect, we are extremely excited to present the legendary, an OG and pioneer of San Francisco Strutting:

Lonnie “Pop Tart” Green

Pop Tart will be teaching a 3 hour Strutter’s Room Camp during the conference; Friday, April 26th. 2pm - 5pm at New Expressive Works. There he will select 4 dancers to join him for a special performance during The Book of Styles competition the next day! Don’t miss that opportunity!

He will also be doing a Q&A discussion panel, which will be recorded live and released on the Thread Count Podcast platform. Come pick the OG’s brain!

Party | Preserve | Educate


The Strutter's Room

A Black History Month Cultural Festival Experience

February 23, 2019

10AM The Strutters Room Film

11AM B-R-S Film

12PM P-T 3000 Film

1PM Open Dance Cyper

2PM BRS Dance Workshop

4pm Extreme Popping Dance Battle

7pm Strutter's Room Funk Concert

All Day Access Pre-Sale Pass $25

The Fillmore Heritage Center

1330 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA, 94115

Fillmore Heritage Center

Struttin Dance Workshop  by Lonnie Green AKA The Fillmore Kid

40 Year International Iconic Master Teacher From the Inner City Black Dance Culture

January 19th 2019 1pm

Meet & Greet

Press Hearing

Photos & Signing

All Styles Cypher

More Info: 415.255.7745